How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is an essential part of online business these days. No small business will survive without one. (The bigshots might not admit it, but they’d die out without digital marketing teams of their own too)

Perhaps the most difficult part of working with a digital marketing agency is finding the best one in the first place. There are far too many inexperienced workers out there pretending to be professionals. If you truly want the very best digital marketing agency, you will need to follow some screening steps.

If you’re interested in learning how to find the best digital marketing agency for you, then take a look at our five-step process to doing just that!

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

The first and most obvious step to take is to determine your budget. There’s no sense looking into agencies that you cannot afford, nor agencies that are far too cheap for your standards.

Remember that an expensive digital marketing agency doesn’t necessarily mean they’re professionals. Look at a large number of potential agencies and keep the ones that are within your budget or are slightly below your budget.

The following steps will help you further screen these agencies. Working out your budget is the best means to finding the most likely runner-up’s.

Step 2: Verify the Professionalism of Their Website and Content

The key ingredient to a trustworthy agency is a strong ranked website. The main purpose of hiring this digital marketing agency is to rank up your business website. If they can’t do so for their own website, how likely are they to benefit yours?

Do general Google searches using keywords you would expect to find in their content and on their website. If they rarely or never show up, remove them from your list and pay more attention to the ones that do.

Step 3: Check Company References, Reviews, and Ratings

Any successful agency should have references from credible sources, as well as positive ratings and a number of review articles written about them. Check the references for websites that you know of or that seem to be well-known. If those don’t exist or turn out to be failing websites, strike that agency from your list as well.

The same thing goes for reviews and ratings. If the agency has no reviews to speak of, don’t consider them. At the same time, if they have reviews, but a number of them are negative, you should still avoid them. Some reviews will be negative simply because of negative people. So, if there are just a few negative reviews and many positive reviews, you can keep that agency on your list.

Step 4: Make Sure the Team Plans to Keep You in the Loop

Now that you’ve narrowed your list down to just a few agencies, start inquiring about their services. The first thing you should ensure with any digital marketing agency is that they plan to keep you in the loop. (And obviously, ensure they follow this statement when the time comes)

Any agency that claims they can do the work without your involvement should be avoided. Any half-decent agency knows that the business owner should be kept in the loop, whether they have knowledge of digital marketing or not.

The digital marketing agency that agrees to keep you fully in the loop and offers weekly reports for your benefit is the one to keep. If you’ve had an offer like this, you’ve probably already found the best agency. However, there’s still one more step:

Step 5: Discuss and Observe the Team’s Knowledge

The final step is to ask for a voice call meeting of some sort. Ask them questions about what they plan to do to make your website rank higher. You don’t need to know all about digital marketing. There are a couple of key pieces of information you should look out for:

·         Ranking a website takes several months or a year to get even remotely close to the first page. Anyone who guarantees a high rank in less than half a year is lying to you.

·         Anyone who offers a one-time rank fix is also lying. Keeping a high rank requires constant alterations and updates to your content. Now that you’ve gone through the entire screening process, it should be fairly obvious which digital marketing agency is the best one for you. Make sure to keep tabs on them as they work from time to time. Good luck to you all!